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  • texases 05/19/12 8:42 pm PST

    Sorry, no spec I know of. And with many cars having height-adjustable seats that distance can vary widely for a given car. Actually sittiing in one is the only way to find out what will fit you.

  • crossover2hunt 05/20/12 12:15 am PST

    I need to be clear: I am talking about entry into the car. The seat needs to be pretty close to the height of my hip when standing so that I dp not have to be or twist that much..

    Is there a spec that refers to the distance from the ground to the height of the driver's seat?
    Do differences in ground clearance specs give good/consistent indications of differences in seat heights?

  • Stever@Edmunds 05/20/12 9:32 am PST

    Have to agree with Texases. Never seen a spec like that and cars vary widely.

    Ground clearance doesn't help I don't think. My older Outback has ~9 inches of ground clearance and I have to fold myself into it. It's not as bad as a Miata, but my elderly in-laws have trouble with it (as do I).

    My other car is a minivan and I just slide right in. The ground clearance on it is ~5.5 inches (and I have the dings on the oil pan to prove it).

    Even the same model may be an inch different due to tire and wheel or suspension options.

    Maybe there's an opportunity for someone to come up with a website but it'd be time consuming tracking down around 588 US car models and measuring the distance from the seat to the ground, even ignoring the variations between styles of the same model.

    There may be some federal guidelines buried in the CFR somewhere.

  • morin2 05/20/12 9:43 am PST

    I think the closest thing that you are looking for is a sense of "hip-point" or "H point":


    However, I'm unaware of any listing of vehicle hip-points that would be useful for shopping. Ground clearance is only one of several factors and I would not rely on ground clearance alone. The sill dimensions and the door openings as well as the range of seat height are also factors to ingress and egress - and even the steering wheel tilt. The seat dimensions themselves vary quite a bit.

    I'm afraid there is no substitute for checking the vehicles out in person.
    Good luck.

  • at4jrb 02/11/13 9:41 am PST

    I was looking for seat hieght info and

    I found this websight that might help.

    Source: http://www.ricability.org.uk/consumer_r


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