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  • tony78 12/22/09 12:55 am PST

    Changing the oil and preventative maintenance are opposite sides of the same coin.

    Changing the oil is necessary because if you dont change the oil it will soon turn to sludge and so will your engine.

    Washing and waxing your car are examples of preventative maintenance, although not absolutly necessary, washing and waxing may extend the life of the chrome surfaces and painted finish.

    Your Mercedes dealer can provide you with a cost structure for all services, a time and mileage schedule for suggested and required services and an itinerary of services provided.

  • 04350 12/22/09 8:00 am PST

    At a Mercedes dealer, about $ 200 for the routine service and $ 400 for more extensive,
    both include tire rotations and lots of checking various functions out.

    At a non-Mercedes mechanic, routine service around $ 100 to $ 120.

    These vehicles use Mobil 1 so that accounts for a part of the difference.

  • isellhondas 01/06/10 11:44 pm PST

    If you are concerned about maintenance costs, you are looking at the wrong car.

    Great cars but these can be troublesome and everything is expensive to replace.

    And, if you are a person who tries to cut corners on service, you will be punished.

    Great cars but go in with your eyes open.


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