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  • autoexpert4u 02/09/09 2:52 pm PST

    Ther could many different variables such as damage behind the cover or additional trim pieces. I would say that you should expect the cost to be no less than $375.00 and up. 10 miles an hour can do alot of damage even if may not look all that bad. Bodyshops will do free estimates and i would recommend that you get at least two and maybe more so that you feel comfortable with they are writing.


  • morin2 02/14/09 7:57 pm PST

    My wife was once hit at about the same speed. Superficially, the damage appeared to be just minor cosmetics - but the estimator insisted on putting the car on a lift. Good thing too because I would have missed the more serious damage.The exhaust pipe was bent back of the catalytic converter and had to be replaced.

  • awayway 04/27/11 10:20 pm PST

    $536.00 dollars is a right price that estimater gave you i have a 2007 honda accord and some guy backed up and scratched my bumper so his incrance have me a chick of $541.00 dollars so they are not lieing to you.


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