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  • zaken1 10/15/12 11:11 pm PST

    Rather than assume the ball joints need replacing because someone told you so; or even "showed you" that they were loose by prying on the suspension with a long bar; it may be well worthwhile to take the vehicle to a different independent shop and get a second opinion. The "bad ball joints" scam is one of the oldest and most common rip-offs in the automotive industry.

    If you don't know of a shop you can trust on this; click the "answer this question" button under this message, and type your postal zip code in the box that appears. Then click the "submit answer" button. I'll try to suggest some good local shops. Thank you.

  • hockey22 10/15/12 11:29 pm PST

    two different repair shops have told me I need to get them replaced. but I am new to the downtown detroit area and not sure of a fair price or place to even go to

  • hockey22 10/15/12 11:29 pm PST


  • zaken1 10/16/12 12:00 am PST

    Try these places:

    Ren Cen Mechanical Service, 217 Joseph Campau St. Detroit, MI 48207

    Campus Auto Repair, 2960 E. Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48202

    Joe's Garage, 1038 Ashland St, Detroit, MI 48215

  • aj327 07/09/13 12:13 pm PST

    62330 or 52601


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