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  • isellhondas 06/24/11 4:56 pm PST

    A call to your local Ford dealer should give you an accurate answer.

    Since gas tanks rarely leak, if it were my Taurus, I would try to find a used one in a wrecking yard. Any halfway decent shop would be able to install it.

  • momsgramma 06/24/11 5:05 pm PST

    I'm an elderly lady so I can't do my own repair. I need to know the cost of a fuel tank and how much it would cost to install it on my 2003 Taurus.

  • isellhondas 06/24/11 10:10 pm PST

    I thought I gave you two pretty good suggestions but you may just want to call your local Ford Dealer who will be able to give you an EXACT price over the phone.

    Good luck!


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