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  • laltazan 10/27/11 11:59 am PST

    To enter programming mode, you will need the permanent factory code. You may be able to get this from the dealer that sold you the vehicle, or a good shop can pull it up with a factory scan tool. You may also try the code you presently use, as it may be the permanent code.

    1. Enter the permanent factory keypad code.
    2. Press the 1/2 button within five seconds to activate the programming mode. Holding the 1/2 button for more than two seconds after activation will erase the stored customer code. The door locks will lock, then unlock, confirming the code is erased. The existing code will not need to be erased to program new a code.
    3. Within five seconds , enter the new five-digit keypad code. The door locks will lock and unlock to confirm the new code is programmed.


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