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  • lookmanohands 12/09/13 9:07 pm PST

    hey i literaly ran into this problem today i serched high and low and books/web searchs and i found out nothing so let me tell you how i did it
    if you are stand in front of car looking at motor and trans ,the trans has that black cover facing the bumper notice how thick that gasket is well remove the top two bolts and just loosen the bottom ones trans will take all 4.2 quarts buy sticking a funnel in between trans and cover/pan this worked perfect the susuki shop wanted to charge 200.00 for something that literaly takes five minutes
    i hope this helps and one more thing i ran into was the drain plug looks like it would take 3/8 drive ratchet but that was not the case its actually smaller i used vise grips tap with hammer it came loose no slip again this trick will work and save you a chunk of change

  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/15/13 2:04 pm PST

    Answer from the Web:

    "To do this job requires a lift and a special 8mm square socket. Just above the right side axle at the transmission there is a bolt with a square head. This is both the fill hole and the hole to check the fluid. The car needs to be running and in park with the vehicle at operating temp (drive for a few miles or let idle for at least 5 minutes--then put your foot on brake, run car through the gears, then put the car safely up on jack stands). Fill the hole till a small stream of fluid flows from the hole. That is when the fluid is full."


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