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  • kiawah 12/31/07 1:02 pm PST

    Not sure who your 'service company' is, but you will most likely need to get to the underlying souce of the problem before you can pass state emissions test (unless you live somewhere where that isn't mandated).

    The computer monitors all of the sensors and engine/emissions operating performance, and will set an error code and check engine light when it detects something it doesn't like and is outside of tolerances. You would read the error code off the computer with an OBD2 reader, and that would point the tech to the problem area. Looking up the specific error code for your vehicle, will even suggest the parts that are the most likely source of the problem. You can then 'clear' the error codes out of the computer.

    For emissions related problems however, a simple clearing of the error codes will not eliminate an emissions error setting. The car will need to run successfuly for a period of time (# miles, # starts, # days, etc), before the computer will clear the emissions error code. The purpose of this is to prevent people who have emissions problems, from clearing the error code, getting their vehicle state inspected, and then the underlying problem surfacing again. If the vehicle has not met the minimum emissions reset criteria, the state will not inspect the vehicle.

    Assuming you do live in a state with emissions testing criteria, you should have your service company fix the vehicle. If they are unable, get it to the dealership and get it resolved before you are stuck with a failed inspection sticker.


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