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  • karjunkie 07/14/09 6:18 pm PST

    This vehicle has the GM pass-key III immobilizer anti-theft system. You should first try to reset the system in accordance with your owner's manual. To permanently disable the system you need to ground the arm/diasarm wire in the driver's side kick plate. It is black and orange. Once Located, splice into this wire a similar gauge wire and attach it to a solid chassis ground. This terminates the alarm functions entirely. However, at this point, the car would be exceedingly easy to steal, so I suggest you get an aftermarket alarm system to protect it.

  • mitchd 07/14/09 7:42 pm PST

    Thanks for the information, I will try to locate the wire.

  • djbmw1 02/06/11 1:03 pm PST

    I just had to deal with this headache on a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire. After replacing the alternator, the Anti Theft light came on solid and would not allow me to start the car. I tried the "10 minute" fix... that didnt work. I tried cutting the yellow wire from the Passlock .. that didnt work...

    The car simply would not budge.

    So here's How i fixed it -

    There is the anti-theft relay in the engine bay, in front of the rad. If you're standing in front of the car, looking at the engine, the relay is just slightly right of the center of the car, attached right by the rad. Disconnect the connector. Get a thin wire and jump the terminals on the right (top and bottom). They will spark and fry that terminal of the relay. Plug your connector back in and start it up!


  • brummell 08/27/11 2:24 pm PST

    Read before you do anything

    djbmw1 The guy above. His answer is wrong. This Relay/Modual is to your starter. You spark any of the wires, your gonna have issue's. Thankfully he said the right top and bottom. Once you spark those 2 together, your wire will either get hot and burn your finger, Then if you continue to do this, you will blow your wire thats about 2 inches out from the starter. You will have to replace the wire in order for your starter to work. This also could blow your starter. Then your into far more issue's to begin with.

    Believe me, I did it and thats what happen to me today. Yes I am mad.

    What I have done was called my local GM Dealer. Talk to a Machanic over this issue. He said this

    Start your car

    leave it on for 10 mins

    The Anti theft should time out

    Do this up to 3 times

    Of course thats all he gave me.

    Then I went the other rout. a few post's up said if I go into my Driver side Kick plate, I could splice into the Orange and Black wire. Ground it. There is a ground bult by your seat under the carpet.

    I done this. It had a small spark. I was like yay it worked. Started the car. The same thing was still there. The car stopped running and I was back to where I started.

    I have more then likely screwed my few pump from this trick.

    I have done the battery trick 30 mins, then 1 hr, then 1 day.

    Still nothing.

    To be honest, I do not have any idea how to figure this out. Your wife is going nuts and I am freaking.

    If anyone has a true way to bypass this thing without going and paying 145 dollers for a bypass key

    Help us......


    I'm on Facebook and a legit person with a legit name given and legit answer with I have done it and it didnt work.


  • gangsterofgod 05/16/14 5:57 pm PST

    I recently bought a car like this and have no key my problem is I have no money but you can {replace the battery in ur key}fob unhook the car battery for ten minutes and it will start. I recently went to mechanic shop in town and this car was doing the same thing I passed him my new battery #2302 from my fob he changed it with the customers fob
    and he pressed the button the lady said it was the first time she seen the inside of her trunk and the mechanic stopped swearing at the car. if u do not have a key fob I recently purchased one from gm dealership in canada for 105$$ they programmed it and it works better then having three keys the car was 2008 pontiac soltice


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