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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/26/08 12:49 pm PST

    They probably buried it for a reason, so you wouldn't do that.

    Doesn't this chime go off after a short time? One thing you could do is buckle up before you turn on the ignition.

    Also you might check your fuse box and see what fuse controls this alarm. Possibly you could pull that fuse and not affect other items. Depends what else is on that fuse.

    Otherwise, I guess you'll have to slip the radio out to do this, or pay an audio shop to do it for you.

  • shealys4 07/26/08 8:34 am PST

    I do not have an answer but would be highly interested to know if you ever received an adequate response to this question. I have identified the fust that controls this feature but am wary of disconnecting not understanding what else it controls.


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