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  • kiawah 01/10/08 7:12 am PST

    Take your keys and vehicle to VW dealer.

  • madmanmoo 01/10/08 10:15 am PST

    Go to your local dealer and bring all the keys that you have for the vehicle with you. They'll cut you a new one and program all of the keys. It will probably be fairly expensive, so be prepared. My guess is that it will cost several hundred dollars.

    Good luck!

  • kiawah 01/10/08 2:16 pm PST

    You can call the dealership ahead of time, they'll tell you what it will cost for the key blank, the cutting, and programming.

  • summer19 03/30/08 11:31 am PST

    I need to get a key also, they told me to go to a Volkswagon dealer and they can do it FOR A PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jpics 02/26/09 2:50 pm PST

    The key has a special style of cut so it must be done by a VW dealer. This special key helps prevent car theft (when was the last time you heard of a VW being stolen?)

    the average price of a VW flip is is between $150 to $300

  • chico12 09/15/09 3:21 am PST

    I bought a vw yesterday, with a remote control the price is 100.00 I choose to get the regular for 25,00 at a look smith kiosk, Across the street from farmers market in L.A. I think it was cheap than dealer. Laser cut


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