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  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/19/10 6:15 pm PST

    Here's a Do-It-At-Home Method.

    The dealer could also probably tell you but you'd need to tell him which series 1500-2500, etc and which engine.

  • rustedorbusted 12/19/10 8:42 pm PST

    look at the build data tag in glove box code gt4 is 3.73 gt5 is 4.10 if you cant figure it that way call your dealer parts dept. give them the vin and thay can tell you

  • strip95 12/20/10 9:16 am PST

    Look for the GU or Gt code most of the time will be listed on a tag inside the glove box. GT4=3.73 GU6=3.42. These are two of the most common for later model GM 1500 trucks.


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