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  • bepperb 01/28/08 4:12 pm PST

    There should be two screws in the rotor holding it on. They are usually rusty in a car with that age, so you may need to soak them with penetrating oil overnight. I use a manual impact driver, which is basically a screwdriver you hit with a hammer and it forces the bit into the screw and turns it slightly. Once you have them out, you can pull off the rotor. It may need some encouragement with a rubber mallet. If you use much more than that you risk warping the rotors. You may need to use more penetrating oil on the wheel studs.

  • minameistravis 04/22/08 10:58 pm PST

    also while you have the hub off you should inspect the wheel bearing very very carefully. it should pull it apart if I remember. right when you pull the hub off. if not who cares its just convient not to have to pull the hub off 2 times.

  • badgercore 12/24/08 1:45 am PST

    The previsou answers weren't correct on this matter, just wanted to clear it up for anyone who may be searching for this information in the future. On a 1990-1995 accord, there aren't two screws securing the rotor on the FRONT brakes, this is the case for the rears however.

    Let me start by saying, take it to a shop. An independant one should do it for about $80-100.

    -Pry the Spindle Nut Stake away from the spindle and loosen the nut.
    -Loosen the lugs and put the front on jackstand(s).
    -Remove the wheels.
    -Remove the Steering knuckle from the vehicle. (See explanation below.)

    -Disclaimer: This is complicated if you don't know what you're doing. Instead of trying to save a little money, take it to a shop. If you don't know what any of these parts or tools are STOP and take it to a shop.

    -Remove the Caliper Mounting Bolts and the Caliper.
    -Support the Caliper with a stand or wire, DO NOT let it hang by the brake hose!
    -Remove the Cotter Pin from the Tie Rod Castle Nut and remove the nut.
    -Seperate the Tie Rod Ball Joint using a Ball Joint Remover and lift the Tie Rod out of the Knuckle.
    -Seperate the Ball Joint and Lower Arm using a puller with the pawls applied to the lower arm.
    -Remove the Cotter Pin and the Upper Ball Joint Nut.
    -Seperate the Upper Ball Joint.
    -Remove the Knuckle by pulling it off the Halfshaft.
    -Remove the 4 bolts retaining the hub unit to the steering knuckle and remove the hub from the knuckle.
    -Remove the other 4 bolts retaining the hub to the rotor and seperate the two pieces.

    NOTE: When reinstalling, use NEW self-locking bolts to attach the hub to the knuckle. Install new Cotter Pins everywhere you removed one. Thread a new nut onto the spindle until snug.

  • dumbhere 03/16/09 10:02 am PST

    The last guy had it right,You practically have to remove the whole front end.I wish it was just a couple screws.....They built them so dealers get all the bux....I still got a new one in a box.,I just keep changing pads,since they are not expensive......From what I saw on mine,you have to have the hub pressed out from behind then unbolt it from the hub $$$$$

  • failsboy 04/22/10 2:40 pm PST

    the last guy is right. i just replacedthe upper and lower ball joint. while i was under there i tried to go ahead and change the rotors and couldnt because you have to have the hub pressed outto just get the rotors off.

  • jasdip 01/17/12 5:07 pm PST

    i have a 1992 honda accord with front disk brakes. the people above are right, but with mine, after removing all the nuts i found it very difficult to actually get the whole assembly out place. after an hour i only got the control arm out. and couldnt remove the upper and lower ball joint( i didnt use a puller though, so if thats cheaper to rent you might go with that route) with the way i will be telling you, no other nuts other than the ones on the rotor need to be removed.
    i finally changed my rotor, it was a hassle but once i figured it out, its eaazy peezy. dont underestimate though.

    With the car on the floor
    - loosen the lug nuts
    - remove the hubcap to access the spindle nut
    - loosen the spindle nut
    - the spindle nut is the 1 1/2 nut in the dead center of the whole thing

    Raise the vehicle
    - remove the wheel
    - remove the entire brake assembly( i hope you know how to do this)
    - remove the spindle nut, and the four nuts around the spindle nut.
    - with a sleeve puller, bash out the rotor. literally, use a lot of force.
    - the sleeve puller is a must, without the sleeve puller you would have to remove the surrounding ball joints( upper, lower, control arm) and then bash those joints out of place. it is much easier to rent a sleeve puller, and remove the whole rotor.
    - to put the rotor back on, just work in reverse, but you will notice that placing the spindle nut back on is difficult. use a mallet to slightly hammer the rotor and hub back on until you can get the spindle nut back onto the bolt, you need just for the spindle nut to catch on the threads and then just tighten until on right.
    - then just work in reverse.


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