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  • wern10 03/19/08 10:54 pm PST

    look down to where the seat meets the floor youll see a bolt about 7 inches from each side of the rear side panels,2 in all,remove those 2 bolts and lift up and pull out the seat should pull rite out....the other models push in extremely forcably in the same area,they push in just past the retaining clips and lift up,if you push to hard the seat latches get stuck in the second half of the seat latch so that one takes a little finesse and patience.

  • rdhyde99 08/09/09 8:47 pm PST

    There is a little lever on the corner at the front bottom. There is one on each side. Run your hand along the corner and find a hole. Stick your finger in there and press/pull while pulling up on the seat. Then do the other side


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