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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/24/10 10:43 am PST


    • Because the halogen bulb operates at a high temperature, dirt and oil on the bulb surface reduces the bulb's service life. Hold the flange portion when replacing the bulb. Never touch the glass portion.
    • Do not leave the headlight without a bulb for a long time. Dust, moisture, etc. entering the headlight may affect its performance.

    1. Disconnect the ground cable from the battery.
    2. Remove the air intake duct. (When removing the headlight bulb RH--not driver's side)
    3. Remove the battery cover. (When removing the headlight bulb LH)
    4. Tilt the washer tank filler neck. (When removing the headlight bulb LH)
    5. Disconnect the harness connector.
    6. Remove the bulb assembly then remove the high beam (if you're replacing this one, too--otherwise ignore). To remove the low beam, remove the back cover (round thing)
    7. Remove the light bulb retaining spring to remove bulb.)

      Install in the reverse order of removal.

    Source: alldate.com


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