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  • karjunkie 06/14/10 12:27 pm PST

    Push and hold odometer button while turning ignition to "ON" position. Do not start the engine, just turn the key to "ON" position. Hold the odometer button for about 4-5 seconds until the odometer setting changes to a series of dashes and maintenance light goes off. Turn ignition back to the "OFF" position. Start up vehicle. There should be no more maintanence light.

  • tmadams 06/14/10 4:36 pm PST

    have tried that; does NOT work. My ignition is the "keyless" variety. Does that make a difference?

  • karjunkie 06/14/10 4:39 pm PST

    Yes, of course it makes a difference! First, reset both trip meters (A and B). With the Accessories on, depress the odometer button while on trip A and Press the ON/OFF button to turn off the Accessories. While pressing the odometer button Press the ON/OFF button twice to turn the Accessories on and you will see in the display screen bars disappearing and the maintenance reminder message resetting.

  • tmadams 06/14/10 5:08 pm PST

    Excellent! However, note: the driver's door must be CLOSED for the re-setting to occur.

    Thanks!!! Glad to have my computer screen back to normal.


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