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  • zaken1 10/29/08 6:16 pm PST

    The actual bleeding operation should not take more than a few minutes, once you get set up.
    Start by filling the clutch master cylinder reservoir with fresh brake fluid. Locate the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder; which is a hollow bolt with a hex head near the base, and a hose fitting on the outer end. Using a box wrench on the bleed nipple, open the nipple by turning it counterclockwise about 3/8 turn. Have someone in the car slowly press the clutch pedal all the way down, AND THEN HOLD IT ALL THE WAY DOWN UNTIL YOU TELL THEM IT IS OK TO LET IT COME UP. There will be a stream of fluid and air spraying out of the bleed nipple while the clutch pedal is being moved downward. You may want to place a wide mouth jar or can below the nipple to catch the fluid; or you can slip a piece of rubber vacuum hose on the end of the nipple to route the fluid into the jar. Just before the stream completely stops; shut the bleed nipple, and then tell the person in the car to let the clutch pedal come back up. It is better to shut the nipple while there is still fluid coming out; rather than waiting for it to all stop. BUT DON'T LET THE PEDAL COME UP BEFORE YOU SHUT THE NIPPLE. Check and refill the fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir after every time the pedal is pushed down. It will probably take just two or three strokes of the pedal before air stops coming out with the fluid. When you don't get any more air coming out, you won't need to bleed it any further. Tighten the bleed nipple, make sure the master cylinder is full, and clean up any spilled fluid. The clutch should work properly after that.

    I hope this helps!!!


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