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  • corporalm 07/02/11 12:11 am PST

    Drain the oil from the oil pan.
    Replace oil filter with new one.
    Remove oil cap from valve cover and pour oil into it.
    Reinstall oil cap.

    Get cheap OEM parts from the junkyard or ebay.

  • knowledgepower 07/02/11 5:35 am PST

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  • therealjab 07/07/11 4:26 pm PST

    Tina Yang,

    What model year mustang do you own? While the placement of the oil pan, dipstick, and oil filter may vary between the motor sizes and designs, the overall procedure to change the oil in a Mustang is widely universal. Here is the procedure for changing the oil:


  • Floor jack

  • Jack stands

  • Oil catch pan

  • Safety glasses

  • Latex gloves

  • Shop rags

  • Box end wrench set

  • Oil filter band strap wrench

  • Oil (appropriate grade and amount)

  • Funnel

  • Oil filter replacement (To err on the side of caution I recommend using OEM filters. These are available for $7 from the dealership)

  • 1) Warm the engine up at idle for 5 minutes to warm the oil up. Open the hood and remove the oil fill cap located on the valve cover.

  • 2) Lift the front of the Mustang--one side at a time--using the floor jack. Place a jack stand under each front frame rail or control arm and rest the Mustang gently onto the jack stands.

  • 3) Put on the safety glasses and latex gloves. Spent oil contains carcinogens so it's best to protect your eyes and skin from coming into direct contact with it.

  • 4) Crawl under the Mustang with the catch pan, wrench set, oil filter wrench, shops rags, and new oil filter. Use creeper is desired, but it may limit the amount of room you have under the low profile vehicle.

  • 5) Locate the oil pan and the oil pan plug. Use an appropriate sized wrench (15 millimeter in most cases, but other sizes may be required for older Mustangs) to crack the oil plug loose. Place the catch pan directly beneath the oil plug keeping in mind that the oil will purge out at a slight angle at first.

  • 6) Remove the oil plug. Most all of Ford oil plugs require using the wrench until more than half the plug is unscrewed from the pan. Unfortunately, this allows oil to drip onto your hand and wrench while unscrewing it. Wipe any spilled oil off your hands and wrench with a shop rag after removing the oil plug. Also note that some 1994 and 1995 oil pans are U-shaped and have two oil plugs for the upper and lower oil pan chambers.

  • 7) Allow the oil to drain to a slight trickle. In the interim, locate the oil filter. Depending on the year and engine, it may be up behind the motor near the firewall or on the left or right hand side of the engine block.

  • 8) Loosen the oil filter with the oil filter band strap wrench enough to be able to unscrew it by hand, but not enough to allow oil to spill from it until you can relocate the catch pan beneath it.

  • 9) Replace the oil pan plugs and tighten them. Wipe any excess oil off the bottom of the pan and oil plug. Relocate the catch pan if necessary and position it under the oil filter location.

  • 10) Remove the oil filter and be sure that the rubber gasket is also removed from the oil filter flange. Wipe the flange clean with a shop rag. Spread a little of the spent oil along the gasket of the new oil filter and thread on the filter hand tight. Do not use the filter wrench to tighten the filter. It is not required and will only make removing it for the next oil change more difficult. Wipe any trickling oil that leaked out from the oil filter off of the engine using a shop rag.

  • 11) Crawl out from under the Mustang and remove all of the gear from beneath it. Lift the Mustang to remove the jack stands and then lower the car back to the ground.

  • 12) Add oil--1 quart at a time--to the oil fill using a funnel. Most Mustangs take five quarts, but newer ones may take more. Check the dipstick after 5 quarts are poured in. Start the engine and allow it to run for 30 seconds. Recheck the dipstick and add more oil as necessary.

  • 13) Remove the funnel and replace the oil filler cap

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