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  • wendy49 03/01/13 12:11 am PST

    follow the upper hose to the intake manifold take hose off complety then the thermostate bolts off and take off housing and you will find it take the part out put back in reverse order put anew gasket or o ring

  • bpeebles 03/01/13 9:18 pm PST

    It really depends on which engine is installed in your 2002 Dak. The 4.7L and 3.7L both have "bypass:" type of cooling systems.

    In a "bypass" system, It is the LOWER radiator hose which feeds into the thermostat-housing so the antifreeze can be "mixed" to the proper temparture before entring the engine.

    Virtually *ALL* modern engine-designs place the thermostat at the BOTTOM of the engine where the 'cold' antifreeze from the bottom of the radiator can be accuratly 'mixed' into the flow being circulated around in the engine. The excess 'hot' antifreeze simply bleeds off the top of the system into the top of the radiator.

    The old-school type of cooling-system which has the thermostat on the TOP of the engine is cheap to design and good enough for low-effeciency engines. However, it cannot maintain constant temparture thrououghout the engine.

    I have the factory shop-manual for the 4.7L engine if you need additional help.

    Source: personal experience


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