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  • canddmeyer 01/06/09 3:29 pm PST

    Usually there is a sticker on the drivers door frame that has the month and year of build. Also, if you bought this new, the paperwork will usually have the exact build date.

  • cncsigns 01/12/09 10:06 am PST

    Do you know how to get a replacement windowsticker??
    For some reason my vehicle never had one when the dealer delivered it.

  • rvoth 02/02/09 10:27 pm PST

    I'm trying to find the exact build date of my 2008 Equinox LT AWD. The salesman could only find that it left Oshawa plant on the first week of Oct 2007. The VIN is 2CDNL43FO86035555 i would appreciate as much info about the day of week and possible the time of day my Equinox was made.  Thanks Russ


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