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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/09/11 11:14 pm PST

    Upon removal of starter, note if any shims are used. If shims are used, they should be reinstalled in their original location during installation. If starter is noisy during cranking, remove one .015 inch double shim or add one .015 inch single shim to the outer bolt. If starter makes a high pitched whine after firing, add .015 inch double shims until noise ceases.

    1. Disconnect battery negative cable.
    2. Raise and support vehicle, then remove nut from brace at A/C compressor.
    3. Disconnect wiring from front of frame.
    4. Remove dust cover attaching bolts, then dust cover.
    5. Remove all electrical wiring from starter, then remove starter from vehicle.
    6. Remove starter attaching bolts, then lower starter.
    7. Reverse procedure to install.


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