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  • tony78 08/07/08 10:31 pm PST

    If you have stock wheels follow these steps A. remove center cap from wheel B. remove cotter pin from hub axle castle nut C. using breaker bar and appropiate socket loosen,,but do not remove castle nut D. raise car and support using jack stands E. remove front wheel F. remove castle nut,,if difficult to remove apply a w/d 40 or similar lubricant to threads of axle shaft threads,,using a helper to apply the brakes will help prevent the rotor from turning G. remove caliper assembly and support with a wire or cord,,do not disconnect the brake fluid lines H. remove the axle hub castle nut and the four bolts securing the rotor to the hub I. pull the hub and rotor off with a slide hammer and puller attachment J. seperate the rotor from the hub.

    a slide hammer can be purchased from napa auto parts.

    Source: chilton geo metro service manual

  • patrick88 08/08/08 7:04 pm PST

    1. Elevate and safely support the vehicle. If only the front end is supported, set the parking brake and block the rear wheels.
    2. Remove the wheel.
    3. Remove the brake caliper from its mount and suspend it out of the way. Don't disconnect the hose and don't let the caliper hang by the hose. Remove the brake pads with all the clips, shims, etc.
    4. Install all the lug nuts to hold the rotor in place. If the nuts are open at both ends, it is helpful to install them backwards (tapered end out) to secure the disc. Tighten the nuts a bit tighter than finger tight, but make sure all are at approximately the same tightness.
    5. Check the run-out and thickness measurements of the rotor.
    6. Remove the 2 bolts holding the caliper mounting bracket to the steering knuckle. These bolts will be tight. Remove the 4 lug nuts holding the rotor.
    7. Remove the bracket from the knuckle. Before removing the rotor, make a mark on the rotor indexing one wheel stud to one hole in the rotor. This assures the rotor will be re-installed in its original position, serving to eliminate minor vibrations in the brake system.
      To install:

    8. When reinstalling, make certain the rotor is clean and free of any particles of rust or metal from resurfacing. Observe the index mark made earlier and fit the rotor over the wheel lugs. Install 2 lug nuts to hold it in place.
    9. Install the caliper mounting bracket in position and tighten the bolts.
    10. Install the brake pads and the hardware.
    11. Install the caliper. Tighten the mounting bolts.
    12. Install the wheel and lower the vehicle to the ground.


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