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  • tony78 05/05/09 4:57 pm PST

    you will need to remove the door panel to access the mirror attachment hardware.
    1. remove door panel.

    2. disconnect cables, connectors,,etc.

    3. remove old mirror

    Assembly is reverse of dissasembly.

    That is the long and short of it,,actually if you have never done this repair before, it can be quite complicated.

    Taking the trim of a car apart nowadays is similiar to putting a jig-saw puzzle together,,only in reverse.

    I would suggest that you a get a service manual,

    ( pictures really help )

    from the dealer,,auto parts store,,the library,,online

    ( alldata dot com )

    and a good assortment of hand tools,,before you start this repair.

    Oh,,just a word on the glueing part,,,did you try J B WELD ?

    ,,this glue will fix anything,,and i mean anything,,it is available as a 2 part epoxy,,and you know how strong epoxy is,,,,,,,,


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