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  • karjunkie 03/07/09 8:50 am PST

    First find the A/C compressor under the hood and then start the engine. Turn the control knob to A/C max then set the temp control to the cold ( blue shaded area). Now go back under the hood and the A/C pulley & clutch should be turning. If the compressor is engaging, the center of the compressor clutch will turn with the outer pulley. If the pulley does not turn and there is a loud squeal, this usually indicates a locked up compressor. The compressor and drier will need to be replaced. What if the clutch is not engaging but the outer pulley is spinning freely? If the refrigerant charge is low, the low pressure cut out or the low pressure cycling switch can both prevent the clutch from engaging. Adding some refrigerant should resolve the problem. Good luck!


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