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  • fordcustser 06/18/09 10:48 am PST

    Hello, this is Jennifer and I work for Ford Motor Company. I would suggest contacting your local Ford dealership service department regarding your air conditioning freon question.

  • rc1956 06/18/09 8:06 pm PST

    Hi Jennifer: What I need is the amount of freon is needed. As the Ford dealership is twice the price of all others in our area and there are only five, my daugfer must find the most affordable. One offers the best price but with $10 per lb of freon. So my quetion still is, how much freon is required?

  • fordcustser 06/19/09 2:42 pm PST

    I do not have the technical expertise to provide you the information you're requesting. The only thing I can do is direct you to call your local dealership to answer this question.


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