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  • texases 11/05/12 1:36 pm PST

    If you actually mean "brake pads and rotors", then 50,000 would not be unusual. They should be able to give you an exact value for pad thickness (mine measures it at every tire rotation). Have they?

  • morin2 11/05/12 9:22 pm PST

    Brake pads and rotors are not replaced at mileage intervals, but on an as-needed basis. My son recently replaced his OEM brake pads at 50K miles and I replaced the OEM pads on a 10 year old car at 120K miles. We drive the same roads, but have different driving styles. I coast and use the brakes only when necessary.

    I suspect your dealer meant rotors and not wheel cylinders. Rotors can usually be "turned" at least once before they need to be replaced.


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