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  • morin2 08/19/09 11:46 pm PST

    Sorry you have buyer's remorse. Its actually a common thing and not only for cars.

    Unfortunately, usually its not possible to return a car. If its possible, it should be spelled out in your sales contract. You can always try calling the dealer, but be prepared for an answer that you don't want to hear. Sometimes I've heard of a car being very quickly swapped for another with more comfy seats, for example, at the same dealer, but it seems to be rare.

  • Stever@Edmunds 08/20/09 12:02 am PST

    Morin2's right.

    Sometimes you can unwind a deal, but you'd need a better reason than buyer's remorse (and that's a pretty common reaction that most of us suffer after buying a big ticket item).

    There's an unwinding link in this CarSpace Guide:

    What's the cooling off period to back out of my car purchase?

  • tony78 08/20/09 1:36 am PST

    i never understood why its called " The Cooling Off Period ".

    Its like just before you were hot and then there was a change of temperature and a period of cooling was required, which makes me think that it should be called " The Cooling Down Period "

    Then again the key word here could be " Off ", as in on & off, open & close, up & down.

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    4. Well maybe not example # 3


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