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  • isellhondas 10/27/09 4:16 pm PST

    Nobody will be able to answer this for you.

    I know a guy with a Chevy truck that is pushing 500,000 miles. The valve covers have never been off and it runs great. I think he just had the transmission overhauled for the third time but he's not complaining.

  • karjunkie 10/27/09 5:38 pm PST

    Any truck like this that was well taken care of will go 150-200K miles easily. The trick is to make sure it was well take care of. Get a carfax report and have an independent mechanic examine the truck carefully. If it all checks out I dont think you need to worry about a Silverado with 80K miles.

  • oldfarmer50 10/27/09 6:51 pm PST

    Just junked a 25 year old Ford with 269K miles on it so domestic trucks can go the distance. Have a mechanic look it over for signs of abuse. You don't want to find out that it was used to haul heavy loads with no oil changes or driven in a demo derby.

    The more you know, the better.

  • morin2 10/27/09 7:20 pm PST

    Just have it checked out by your mechanic. These are great trucks, especially with the 5.3 liter.
    I traded mine in for a subaru because a new assignment came with a 108 mile commute - and I really miss the Silverado. I recently got a 2000 Ford with 201K miles on it for boat towing, lumberyard and dump duty. With a v-8, these trucks will last a long time with normal care.

  • tony78 10/27/09 8:03 pm PST

    I agree with,,isellhondas,," nobody can answer this question for you ".

    First you would need to get a fortune teller and ask her to look into her crystal ball for that answer.

    What are " Good Miles " ? You mean trouble free, no parts to replace ?, This is what you usually get for the first 100 k, after that, its all downhill.

  • mulljac 10/28/09 11:26 am PST

    we have a 2000 Silverado 1500 with 161,000 mostly highway miles on it. Never had any major problems just normal wear and tear. I'm looking forward to seeing how many more miles we can put on it.

  • jawga09 10/28/09 11:55 am PST

    Chevy trucks last a long time. I would buy an extended warranty to offer some additional protection, because you will have to replace the waterpump sometime in the near future. Also the alternator will probably go www.warrantyelite.com


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