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  • drivejohnson 11/05/09 11:08 am PST

    I sell new and pre-owned Fords, it's not uncommon to see these trucks come in on trade with 160-170k on them. But forget about the oil change receipts. What you may want to pay more attention to the "other" recommended service intervals. Fuel system treatments, trans services and such. I have no problem buying higher mileage cars for my personal use, but keep in mind that after the warranty period your on your own. Not too many dealers offer warranties on vehicles after the 100k point, aside from your state lemon law. Good luck!

  • morin2 11/05/09 10:31 pm PST

    There are no guarantees in life - but you can minimize your risk with a used car by looking at the maintenance records and by having your mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection. Hopefully the seller has more than just oil change records. There are plenty of these around with 200K and likely some over 300K (I have a F150 5.4liter with 201K) - its just how much work it will need to get there. Check to see if its been used to tow - that increases the risk of trans failure - probably your biggest concern. How has it been used? Long highway trips or highway commutes are a plus & city stop & go is a negative. Did he change oil often because it was severe service or just extra cautious? I have a 108 mile commute over perfect roads. So my cars pile on the miles but never see potholes or severe service. When I sell, I disclose my daily route & that helps to explain the conditions the car has seen.

    Good luck!


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