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  • tony78 05/14/08 4:53 pm PST

    Ok 1st the price as you described it $4200 is a good price.

    2nd your 94 grand prix has been a pain in the wazoo

    3rd when will the engine need to be replaced? Are you familliar with the " five and five warranty?

    4th you know nothing about cars. Refer this question to the answers for numbers 2 and 3

    5th have you considered purchasing a NEW car? many models come with + year warranties/ 36k,60k,100k warranties.

  • canddmeyer 05/14/08 5:58 pm PST

    The short answer is the car may last one more mile or 200,000 more miles. High book price is $4,000 with every option. It's a crapshoot buying any car, so good luck.

  • tjc78 05/15/08 8:00 am PST

    Don't know the condition of your '94, however, $4200 is a lot of repairs and maintenance. At least you know what has been done to your car. The Bonneville is a bigger car that will most likely use more gas and inevitably need the same types of repair as your GP. Also, if the Bonneville is the supercharged 3800 I would stay away. If its the normal 3800, 200K is more than possible.

  • obyone 05/15/08 12:51 pm PST

    The short answer. Don't buy it. An American car with 150K miles on it is an accident waiting to happen.

  • imidazol97 05/28/08 8:53 am PST

    The car is probably over-priced and the owner may take less. The real question is has the engine oil been changed every 3000-4000 miles? Has the transmission fluid been changed at least at every 50,000 miles?

    The motors go 200-250,000 and may need a timing chain just as many other motors will, including the magical foreign brands alluded to in previous answer. The transmissions can go the same if maintained with fresh fluid.

    The motor will get about the same gas mileage as you GP and probably feels alot more solid. The cost of repairs, if you have a good mechanic and trustworthy shop to do them, is moderate compared to foreign brands. Motors for replacement from a recycling yard are abundant. Same for the 4T60E transmission.

    The owner probably is lucky to get 3 let alone $3.5 for it. There are many of these out there and many are jewels. Some suffer from bad maintenance. Just as poor maintenance has foreign cars go bad early, poor maintenance affects the quality US cars. This one may have been well-maintained.

  • ssurgeont 06/09/08 8:09 pm PST

    It depends of'course on how well its been taken care of ,but I have/had about twelve Gm mostly Pontiacs including a 96 GTP(86K) right now. I have two Bonnevilles with combined total of 275K. I used Mobil One oil with 6500-8500 change intervals.A K&M filter is well worth the money when you have the car for a few years atleast. Transmission oil&filter changes will cost you about $35.,if you do it yourself. Easy as long as you don't overtighten the pan bolts. I cant list everything but keep up the frequency of maintenance that the book says. Use a car cover or garage if possible. I drive my 3.8 Bonneville 2000SLE and with 180 on the clock now, I expect driving it for my sales job throughout SE Florida to about 3-4 hundred thou. A/C compressors,emmision controls which are check engine demons. They actually are not that bad in the case of my Bonnevilles. Its easy to get at most engine components and with the computer hookup connectors I bought,I am able to troubleshoot most little stuff and change it myself. Crankshaft positioning sensor,O2 sensor,MAP, and others,but if you can do that and considering you can buy used GM cars cheap. IMHO the best bet on the road is to find the best example of a GM car you like,buy it and do the maintenance for a long life,with little or no payments. In todays world of high prices for everything now,we must find ways of cutting costs or make alot more dough. In a few years I'll be looking for one of those G8's thats looking at me right next to this comment/ads section I'm typing on and tryout some of that aussie power. I drove a demo and it blew me away. If it drives nice and you pay a decent price buy it. Or get a 2000SLE for 4500

  • wasd12 07/06/08 10:56 pm PST

    Stay away from it! All i've ever know pontiac to do is crap everywhere after 100k u can get a way better car for that price.


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