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  • colin_l 07/21/09 4:04 pm PST

    These questions are always inexact, because you don't know exactly how much fluid will remain in the torque converter. It's a lot, though, usually 4-6 quarts.

    I usually look at the specs for the the automatic transmission and have that amount of fluid on hand and watch the tranny dipstick.

    Google found this: http://dodgeforum.com/forum/2nd-gen-dak

  • karjunkie 07/21/09 4:24 pm PST

    A pan drain will be 4-6 quarts. You can disconnect the cooler lines and drain the entire transmission as an alternative if the fluid is very old or smelling burnt. If you just do the drain and filter change, you should do it again in about 1 year to get most of the old fluid out.


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