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  • texases 03/09/09 2:20 pm PST

    All I have for you is this question: why look at spending $20k on a car with an accident history? There are plenty of undamaged '08s out there. I would not trust anything the dealer told me about the accident.

  • morin2 03/09/09 8:30 pm PST

    We've had a few cars hit by others and when it was time to sell them, I would not sell them privately because who would want a car with accident damage disclosed. So I have traded them in with complete disclosure to the dealer - including photographs of the damage before repaired and the receipts. My reason for doing this was to protect myself with disclosure - but it also could help a future buyer decide if it was worth buying if the info that I provided was made available.

    Perfect, unhit cars I've sold privately to the first person who looked.


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