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  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/15/08 1:08 pm PST

    It's hard to put a fixed price on a repair like this because there are so many variables. If they can just unbolt and replace a few brackets that's going to be cheaper than welding and fabrication.

    This is the type of job where you want at least two different estimates. You need to ask them what they will do exactly and how they will do it. Get the car on a lift and have them show you or crawl under and take a look. No doubt there is a "make do" level of repair (jury-rig) and a hog-wild superduty repair that's way better than you need.

    Also you should see if the OTHER side of the bumper is about to do the same thing.

    I'd guess a couple hundred bucks to patch it up.

  • boomchek 07/15/08 1:12 pm PST

    It's hard to say unless we can know the extent of the rust and how you want it fixed.

    If you want to fix the quarter panel the cheap way, a body shop can probably bolt on a metal plate with mounting points that the bumper can attach to. It won't be pretty but it will do the job. Cost probably about $250-$500

    If you want it done the proper way, then they have to see the extent of the rust. They will have to cout out the rust, weld in comparable sheet metal, patch up the body in that area, sand it, and repaint it.

    If they repaint it then the shade of color might not match the rest of the car because paint fades over time.

    So a professional job to fix it and paint it would probably run you $500-$1000 or more depending on the extent of the body work and rust.


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