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  • zaken1 02/09/11 11:36 pm PST

    Your question was already answered on February 6th (the day after you originally posted it) by rustedorbusted; when he said that this engine produces 310HP and 340 Ft/Lb of torque. If you have an issue with that answer; the thing to do is to click the "answer this question" button below the response; and post what your issue is. Otherwise, we won't know what you want from us now.

  • zaken1 02/10/11 3:18 am PST

    The rated horsepower of that motor is the answer you already received; but if you took the car to a dyno tuning shop and actually measured the horsepower at the rear wheels; you'd find it is way below the advertised figure. In order to produce the rated horsepower; you would need to disconnect the mufflers, the power steering, air conditioner, and the emission control equipment. If you just tested it as it is; it would probably make 250 to 270 HP. A good dyno tuning shop will be familiar with the power levels that motor really produces in stock form. You could ask one, if that's what you really wanted to know.


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