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  • zaken1 07/14/11 10:25 pm PST

    The answer depends on what type of transmission your Silverado 1500 HD has, and also what you mean by "chipped," plus how the perfromance of the electric supercharger was tested and rated.

    If you bought one of those "chips" which connect to the IAT sensor; the claim of massively increased horsepower is pure nonsense. Run the truck on a dyno and prove me wrong!!! But if you bought a real EPROM chip; which goes inside the computer and changes the spark advance, shift points and recalibrates the fuel mixture to match; you'll be seeing a real horspower increase. That kind of chip works best with exhaust modifications, freer flowing intake, and a cooler thermostat.

    Regarding an electric supercharger; here again I would get some reliable independent test data to confirm that it maintains the 6PSI rated boost pressure at high RPMs and wide throttle openings. You see; a belt driven or exhaust driven supercharger or turbocharger is driven faster and with more energy as engine speed or load increases. But an electric supercharger runs at the same speed at WOT and MAX RPM as it does at idle. So that sounds fishy to me.

    I would be fearful of putting 500HP through the L60E automatic transmission; but the L80E just might squeak by with that power level. Adding a B&M simple shift electronic transmission controller would be a great upgrade.

    If you have a manual transmission; it would be far more realistic. But you might need to upgrade the clutch and possibly the rear suspension and axle.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/15/11 10:57 am PST

    If you're talking about an electric supercharger that works off a 12 volt system, then your car will have no problem because such a device is a scam and totally worthless and you will gain about 0 HP.

    As for "chipping", here again, there are many fraudulent and even harmful devices out there with absolutely outrageous claims. There are some *good* chips out there, but they aren't cheap and they surely won't give you a 200+ HP increase...maybe 30.

    Your stock engine has 300 HP. There is no way you are going to get 500 HP with a chip and an electric supercharger. There is no way to get 500 HP even with a *real* supercharger. You would have to make serious engine modifications, perhaps even radical ones, to reach those levels, and they wouldn't be cheap.

    To give you an example, a professionally rebuilt, highly modified crate engine from Summit Racing, costing $7,000, can only deliver 450 HP.

    And look WHAT IT TAKES to do that much!

    There are *real* electric superchargers, specially built for short 1/4 mile bursts in drag racing, but they require massive wiring and banks of batteries to operate at much higher voltages.

    Fact is, horsepower costs money and there's no cheap way to get there.

    I'd advise you to do a lot more research and reading before you buy anything, so that you spend your money wisely.


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