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  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/18/12 8:55 pm PST

    Personally I would go no longer that 7500 using a full synthetic oil. Some people claim 15,000 between changes but I think that's risky.

  • morin2 04/18/12 9:26 pm PST

    Everyone you ask will state a different interval and oil type. Of course, most dealers will say "every 3000 miles" which is outdated.

    This is what I do when I buy a new vehicle: I keep the factory conventional oil for 4500-5000 miles & then do the first oil change with conventional oil. By 10K miles, the rings should be seated and then, starting with the second oil change, every oil change is with full synthetic at 7000-7500 mile intervals. I stock up when its on sale for half price or buy-one-get-one free with a free K&N wrench-off oil filter.

    With gas at $4, the slight improvement in fuel economy when using synthetic might pay for the higher cost of the synthetic oil.

  • Stever@Edmunds 04/18/12 10:40 pm PST

    Every 7,500 miles per the Edmunds Car Maintenance Guide (which should match what your owner's manual says).

    The cost of the oil is estimated at ~$11, which tells me Nissan just uses regular oil.

    I have a '99 Quest and that's what I've done (except I've stretched the change interval out a bit from time to time). I'm at 174,000 miles now. Usually I use SuperTech from Walmart but if I find something on sale at NAPA or wherever, I'll grab a jug.


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