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  • texases 02/17/12 1:14 pm PST

    First, look in your owners manual. You need to decide if your driving qualifies as 'severe', with lots of short trips. If most of your trips get the engine fully warmed up, I call that regular service, and I bet the interval is more like 5,000 to 7,500 miles. But check your manual.

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/17/12 5:04 pm PST

    The oil change interval for your car is every 7,500 miles. That's what I've done with my '99 Nissan (or longer) and it's doing fine at 169,000 miles. Most of those miles were in Boise where it gets as hot as Sacramento.

    I suspect your dealer is saying 3,000 miles for a couple of reasons. First, selling you twice as many oil changes as you need doubles his profit. Second, getting you into the shop gives the service writer an opportunity to try to upsell you something. Those guys typically work on commission.

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  • morin2 02/18/12 11:54 am PST

    Some people remember the "old days" when engines had looser tolerances, oil was low quality, and engines were lucky to get 100K miles. Those days are long gone. The last car I owned that truly required oil changes every 3000 miles was a 69 VW (no oil filter on those air-cooled engines) and an oil change cost about $3.

    You also don't have to go to the dealer and endure all the sales pitches for unnecessary "service". You can use your local independent to perform the service shown in the maintenance schedule - but save your receipts in a file.


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