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  • karjunkie 09/02/08 8:15 am PST

    Have you checked your owner's manual? It should have a list of correct fluids and the amount somewhere in there. If you have a 4 cylinder Altima, this transmission MUST be refilled with Nissan Matic "D" ATF and if you have the 3.5 6 cylinder you have to use Nissan Matic "K" ATF . According to Nissan, no other ATF fluids are to be used without risk of damage and drivability issues. Nissan may void your warranty unless you use the specific fluid they recommend so be careful what you use. If you go to the dealer to buy the fluid, they should also be able to tell you the capacity of the transmission.

  • charly6 05/22/14 8:39 am PST

    How many quarts of fluid are needed for a 2006 Nissan Altima transmission?


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