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  • karjunkie 01/08/09 7:39 am PST

    To do this type of repair you should buy a Haynes or Chilton’s service manual at your local auto parts store. Keep in mind you can check out service manuals for free at your local library and photocopy the sections you need. One other free option is to go to www.autozone.com enter your car year make and model and see if they have a repair guide for this repair. They do have many free repair guides for most late model cars. Good luck!

  • bpeebles 01/09/09 8:35 pm PST

    I would recommend you get the FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL aka BOB (Big Orange Book) I had the salesman throw in BOB when I purchased my 2000 Dak in November of 1999. It contains the same instructions that the factory techs. use.

    I am looking at BOB right now... It appears you are askig about the CAMSHAFT sprocket.
    Here is excerpt from BOB:
    *) ..12 steps before here....
    *)remove the LEFT and RIGHT camshaft sproket bolts
    *)Hold LEFT camshaft tube with pliers remove the LEFT camshaft sproket.
    *) Slowley rotate LEFT camshaft approx 15 degrees clockwise to a neutral position.
    *)Hold RIGHT camshaft with pliers and remove the RIGHT camshaft sproket.
    *) Slowley rotate RIGHT camshaft approx 45 degrees counterclockwise to a neutral position.
    *) Remove idler sproket bolt
    *) ...it continues

    There is no mention of the camshaft sprokets being pressed on.


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