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  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/27/08 5:46 pm PST

    Sorry, we can't post diagrams here yet: (coming soon!)

    * Tilt sunroof open.
    * Slide headliner -1- to rear
    * Slide trim frame -2- to rear (clipped on in area of front guide -A- and guided at rear by guide -B-).
    * Turn trim frame, pulling left side toward front and out through roof opening.
    * Remove trim frame completely, being careful to not damage molded headliner.

    Sunroof Installation
    Only install later style trim frame with sound absorbers located 740 mm (5.51 in.) apart.

    * First insert right side of frame through roof opening, then carefully turn into position, being careful to not damage molded headliner.
    * Slide trim frame -2- forward, clip into front guides -A- and rear guides -B-. Make sure that guides -B- are secured.


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