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    Removal Procedure

    1. Drain the coolant. Recover the coolant.
    2. Remove the exhaust manifold.
    3. Remove the coolant intake pipe.
    4. Lower the vehicle.
    5. Disconnect the heater hose quick connect from the heater outlet pipe.
    6. Remove the timing chain and tensioner.
    7. Remove the water pump cover-to-cylinder block bolts.
    8. Remove water pump pipe to cylinder block bolt.
    9. Remove the 3 water pump-to-timing chain housing nuts.
    10. Remove the water pump and cover assembly.
    11. Remove the water pump cover-to-coolant pump assembly bolts.
    12. Clean all sealing surfaces

    13. Installation Procedure

    14. Important: Before you install the coolant pump, read the entire procedure. Follow the tightening sequences in order to avoid part damage and to provide proper sealing.

    15. Install the water pump cover to the water pump assembly.
    16. Install the pump cover bolts. Hand tighten the bolts.
    17. Install water pump cover assembly.
    18. Install the cover-to-block bolts. Hand tighten the bolts.
    19. Install the coolant pump-to-timing chain housing nuts. Hand tighten the nuts.Torque in sequence as follows:
      6.1. Tighten the water pump-to-timing chain housing nuts.

      Tighten water pump to timing chain housing nuts to 26 Nm (19 ft. lbs.).
      6.2. Tighten the pump cover-to-pump assembly bolts.

      Tighten the water pump cover to water pump bolts to 14 Nm (124 inch lbs.).
      6.3. Tighten the coolant pump cover-to-engine block bolts. Tighten the bottom bolt first.

      Tighten water pump to engine block bolts to 26 Nm (19 ft. lbs.).
    20. Install heater hose to pipe on water pump.
    21. Install the exhaust manifold and install new gaskets.
    22. Install oil level indicator tube and indicator.
    23. Connect the brake vacuum pipe to the cam housing.
    24. Raise the vehicle. Refer to Vehicle Lifting.
    25. Install catalytic converter to to manifold.
    26. Install the coolant inlet pipe.
    27. Install the timing chain and tensioner.
    28. Lower the vehicle.
    29. Connect the oxygen sensor connector.
    30. Fill cooling system.
    31. Inspect the system for leaks.

    Source: www.alldata.com


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