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    The following is a write-up on how to change the front struts on a 1995 Monte Carlo so it should also apply to your model year as well:

  • Socket wrench
  • Socket set, metric (Sears sells a cheap set)
  • Lug wrench
  • Jack
  • Jack stand
  • Hub remover J-28733-A or equivalent
  • Puller J-35917 or equivalent
  • Torque wrench
  • Front replacement struts (I bought a discounted OEM set from gmpartsgiant.com)

  • 1) Mark the plate and body at the top of the strut (under the hood) so you can put the upper plate in at the right angle. Loosen the nuts that hold the plate in place, but do not remove them.

  • 2) Remove the hub cap. Pry off the cover in the center of the wheel and loosen the nut underneath with one turn. Do not loosen it further. Loosen the lug nuts and jack up the vehicle. Support it on a jack stand then remove the wheel. The lift point is about four inches behind the front wheel.

  • 3) Unbolt the brake caliper and suspend it out of the way with a piece of wire. Do not let it hang from the brake line. Pull the rotor off the hub. Remove the axle shaft nut that you loosened earlier. The hub and bearing assembly is mounted to the steering knuckle by four bolts. Loosen but don't remove them.

  • 4) Attach hub remover tool J-28933-A (or equivalent) to the wheel studs. Use it to press the axle shaft out of the hub. Remove the nuts and hub. If your model is equipped with anti-lock brakes, you may have to unbolt the sensor and move it out of the way to remove the hub.

  • 5) Remove the nut attaching the tie rod to the steering knuckle and use puller J-35917 (or equivalent) to separate the tie rod and steering knuckle. Remove the nut from the lower ball joint and use the puller to disconnect it.

  • 6) Remove the nuts that retain the plate and strut under the hood. Remove the strut through the wheel well, being careful not to damage other suspension components.

  • 7) Install the replacement strut with the reverse procedure. Torque the upper nuts to 18 ft-lbs. Torque the lower ball joint nut to 15 ft-lbs, then turn it an extra 90 degrees, then as far as it must be turned to insert the pin. Tighten the tie rod end nuts to 40 ft-lbs.

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