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  • tony78 11/24/08 12:57 am PST

    I looked your question over,,here is my opinion:

    I agree with your husband,,that said let me continue.

    The first thing you say is that the oil warning light was
    flickering at idle,,but then you never tell us how much oil pressure there was,,before,,you install a new oil pressure sender.

    Now i believe that you car idles at about 900 rpm,,and if the oil pressure light was flickering at 900 rpm,,then there is 1 of 3 possible scenarios, a. the engine is not idling at 900 rpm's and the tachometer is faulty. b. the oil pressure sender is faulty. c. the engine is idling at 900 rpm's,,the oil sender is not faulty and the engine is low on oil and is worn out.

    Everything that you are describing is the making of a worn tired engine.

    I read about all of those parts that you,,or that you had replaced,,but what i do not read is that any of the old parts were worn out and,,needed,,to be replaced.

    What i see is a whole lot of guessing and throwing in of money in the once in a million chance that maybe someone will get lucky and get the right part replaced.

    I sure as hell hope that you didn't have to pay any out of pocket money for all of the dealer " Advising " to replace this part or that part,,when they were using your car as a laboratory experiment or as an on the job teaching aid.

  • tony78 11/24/08 1:26 am PST

    To get started on fixing your car is going to take a lot of work and may take indeterminable amount of money.

    Essentially what you will need to do is to check every on of the subassemblies in your car for proper operation before you try and run the car.

    A.You will need to go through the complete electrical system,,checking for continuity,,resistance,,ohm value and voltage loss ( shorts ).

    B. You will need to check all the components of each of these systems :

    Fuel, Ignition,,Emission Control.

    To accomplish this you will need a chrysler factory service manual,,$ 450.00

    A Obd ll scan tool that shows a parameter graph screen,,$ 500- $ 1000.00

    A volt ohm meter $ 200.00 +

    A vacuum guage and pump $ 100.00+

    A trouble light $ 25.00 +

    You will need these tools at the bare minimum and a whole lot of spare time to try and track down the problem.

  • canddmeyer 11/26/08 4:47 am PST

    Try an independent shop for future diagnosis. A worn timing belt can cause drivability issues as can low fuel pressure, a clogged fuel filter, a failing camshaft position sensor or MAP sensor, as well as a weak coil. Let someone besides the dealer have a go at it.

  • pete135 03/27/12 11:25 pm PST

    Replace the speed sensor should fix the stalling


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