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  • karjunkie 07/12/09 5:31 pm PST

    There is no dipstick to check the transmission fluid level on that vehicle. It has a drain plug at the bottom and a fill plug above it. The transmission fill plug is located on the backside of the transmission down by the driver side constant velocity shaft You must remove the fill plug with a special tool and fill it through that hole until it starts to slowly drip out. This will require you to put the vehicle on jack stands or a lift to perform this maintenance.

  • tony78 07/12/09 5:41 pm PST

    You did not say if your car was an automatic or a manual transmission.

    1. Your car is an automatic.

    A. Start the car and allow it to warm up to normal operating temperature.

    B. Set the vehicles parking brake.

    C. Move the transmissions range selector slowly from park to 1st gear and back to park several times.

    D. Open hood, while engine is idling, remove automatic transmission dipstick, wipe dipstick with a clean cloth, look at the end of the dipstick, you will see a crosshatch design, the fluid should be at the top of the crosshatch design.

    E. If you need to add fluid, add 1/2 pint at a time, repeat steps C & D.

    F. When you open the hood, you will see 2 dipsticks, the yellow dipstick is for checking the engine oil and the red dip stick is for checking the transmission fluid.

    G. Never overfill your transmission, overfilling the transmission may cause severe damage to the transmission and its components.

    H. Use transmission fluid that is approved for use in your vehicle.

    I. Some models of the forenza use a filler plug and some models use a dipstick. Checking the fluid with a filler plug is the same way to check the fluid as in a manual transmission.

  • dh39 08/08/09 10:06 am PST

    how do i add tranmission fluid to my o7 suziki forenza


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