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  • karjunkie 09/11/08 11:58 am PST

    The parking brake is operated with cables under the car. You need to jack the car up, place the rear axle under jacks and get under it to adjust the tension on the cable. First set the PB lever all the way down and click up one notch. Get under the car and you will see two cables coming from the rear brakes that are joined to one cable that goes to the parking brake lever. Where the two cables join the one cable there is a connector called the equalizer. You can loosen the equalizer nut and pull the cable tight. Do so and turn the rear wheel till you have it as tight as possible with the rear wheel able to be freely rotated. That is all there is to it.

  • jwagnr 10/27/08 1:34 pm PST

    there is rear pads and rotors on this correct? if there is then its a little more difficult, it has rear pads and rotors for the main rear braking performance, however on a lot of fords they used interior drum assemblies, meaning inside the hub of the rear rotors they have a drum brake setup for the emergency/parking brake. there are adjusters behind the rotors for that setup to adjust to set the shoes out further hope that works im not completely sure but i think the escapes have that similar setup...if its just a straight shoe and drum set up its a lot easier...each side in back behind the drum there is an adjuster, pull the parking brake one or two clicks and adjust until the cable for the parking brake is tight, after that your all set...hope these work good luck


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