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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/25/11 8:58 pm PST

    Do you have the SOHC motor or the DOHC motor?

  • CHUMA 01/26/11 7:48 pm PST

    Its a SOHC motor I already took most of the bolts but Im stuck with the front left side wheel of the driver and I think its called the rack and pinion please help me thankyou

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/26/11 8:06 pm PST

    Well I don't have a workshop manual for this car, but I'll keep looking around.

    Here's how to replace the seal itself:

    1. With transaxle separated from engine, pry out rear seal with screwdriver. Do not nick or damage crankshaft flange seal surface or retainer bore.
    2. Inspect shaft seal surface for nicks or dirt. Polish with 400 grit sandpaper if necessary.
    3. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:

      1. Seal should be installed dry, with "THIS SIDE OUT" mark facing away from block.
      2. Use pilot tool No. 6926-1, seal installation tool No. 6926-2 and handle tool No. C-4171, or equivalents, to install seal. Do not drive seal beyond flush with block surface.


    Is this manual steering or power steering?

  • CHUMA 01/26/11 11:23 pm PST

    Its a power steering

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/27/11 10:36 am PST

    Okay, here's what I got for "removing steering gear":

  • Disconnect steering gear coupler from steering column shaft coupler.
  • Raise and support vehicle, then remove both front wheel and tire assemblies.
  • Remove engine/transaxle dampener.
  • Remove attaching nuts from both tie rod ends.
  • Remove both tie rod end studs from steering knuckle using remover tool No. MB-990635 , or equivalent, then disconnect wiring harness connector from power steering fluid pressure switch.
  • Remove power steering pressure and return hose routing bracket from front suspension crossmember.
  • Remove power steering fluid, pressure and return hoses from power steering gear assembly.
  • Scribe a line marking the location of where front suspension crossmember is mounted against body.
  • Position a transaxle jack beneath the center of the front suspension crossmember, then remove two bolts attaching front suspension crossmember to frame rails of vehicle.
  • Loosen both rear bolts and lower control arm to body of vehicle.
  • Using transaxle jack lower front suspension crossmember enough to allow steering gear to be removed.
  • Remove four bolts attaching steering gear assembly to front suspension crossmember, then the steering gear assembly.
  • Reverse procedure to install.

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