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  • zaken1 06/27/11 3:20 am PST

    There was no 2007 Honda Civic GL 1500 sold in the US, or any other 1500cc Honda sold here in 2007. Please advise us what country this car was sold in. You will probably have to consult a dealer in your country for more detailed information.

    From what you described; it soulds like you are trying to loosen the mounting nuts for the ignition coils. Hondas all use metric fasteners. When the nuts are unusually tight; it sometimes is necessary to use a 6 point socket instead of a 12 point socket; as they grip a lot tighter without slipping. An impact driver plugged into the socket may also be necessary to put enough force on the nuts to loosen them. Impact drivers are commonly available at motorcycle shops and tool supply stores. They are an essential tool for working on Japanese engines. You just set them to loosen; and hit the end of the driver with a hammer. The force will break loose nuts which will not come off by any other means.

  • simiman 06/27/11 10:17 am PST

    Thank you zaken1 . I took a shot at the car being a GL1500. The name tag on the trunk just indicates that it is a Civic. The car as far as I know was built in the USA.

    Will loosining those cap nuts get me to the spark plugs?

  • zaken1 06/27/11 7:17 pm PST

    Yes, if we are talking about the same part; the nuts hold down the ignition coils. Once the nuts are removed, the coils can be disconnected from the primary wiring harness and pulled straight up. This will expose the spark plugs. There should be a label on the underside of the hood that lists the engine size. You'll need that information to know the correct spark plug type and gap size. There are six different 2007 Civic models: DX, EX, GX, LX, Hybrid, and SI. Copied below are their engine model numbers, and displacements:

    2.0L 1998cc L4 FI [K20Z3] DOHC RSS Feed

    If you go to www.rockauto.com, you can look up the other parts for these models.


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