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  • Stever@Edmunds 07/12/09 6:12 pm PST

    According to this CarSpace Forums post by Auburn63, "there is a small knock out plate to the left of the radio, pry that out then grab inside that area and pull outward to get the clips to let go. put the shifter all the way to the bottom and remove that piece that goes around the radio. Then remove the screws for the instrument panel all around it and then remove it. The clock will now be accessible."

    Those instructions were specific to an '00 model but it's the same generation Odyssey as yours so hopefully it'll work on your van.

    The whole thread about the clock light starts at post 1355 at the forum link.

  • tony78 07/12/09 6:29 pm PST

    You will never guess where i found the answer,,,thats right,,, Google

    1. Go to google

    2. Type in 2002 honda odyssey clock picture

    3. Go to the first page of the pictures and click on it.

    4. Second row, 4th picture on the right.

    5. Follow the link to cgi.ebay.com

    6. ebay seller lafunnsun is selling a replacement clock light bulb,,and he even shows you how to replace the burned out one,,,

    How sweet is that ?

    God i hate computers,,this is too easy.

    i need a Real challenge.


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