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  • karjunkie 02/27/09 10:05 am PST

    I have used Turtle Wax Polishing Compound with great results. It comes in a white and green plastic tin. Use a small amount on a clean cloth that has been soaked in water and rung out. Gently scrub in a circular motion and do not use a lot of force. Keep rinsing and repeating till the headlights are clear. Do not try and do it all at once. Take your time and be gentle. One last point, DO NOT use the rubbing compound (white and red tin) which is much more abrasive. It has to be the POLISHING compound. Good luck!

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/27/09 12:56 pm PST

    Gentle scrubbing with gel toothpaste is my favorite technique. :-)


  • pbaskets1 05/01/13 6:36 pm PST

    Seen the Wipe-New commercial for their headlight cleaning kit? When I did I recognized the yellow bottle and style of writing on the label as the same type that belonged to a product I'd used for years, Rain-X. The manufacturer has thrown in .25 cents worth of sponges to make it a "kit" and they charge $2.00 more for it. plain Rain-X works great! just follow the directions.


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