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  • karjunkie 10/18/08 8:05 am PST

    Unless you have a spring compressor to remove the springs it won't be possible. You need to remove the springs from the struts. Here is how you remove and connect the struts:

    Remove or disconnect the following:

    • Strut to body attaching nuts
    • Front wheel
    • Brake hose bracket from the strut assembly
    • Loosen the steering knuckle-to-strut fasteners, but do not remove them
    • Stabilizer bar link to the strut assembly attaching nut and move it toward the rear of the vehicle
    • Place a rag over the CV-joint seal to protect it from damage, then remove the 2 steering knuckle-to-strut housing bolts
    • Steering knuckle-to-strut fasteners
    • Strut assembly from the vehicle

    1. Install or connect the following:

    2. Strut to the body and torque the new attaching nuts and bolt to 18 ft. lbs. (25 Nm)

    • Strut to the steering knuckle and torque the new fasteners to 133 ft. lbs. (180 Nm)
    • Stabilizer bar link to the strut and torque the fastener to 48 ft. lbs. (65 Nm)
    • Brake hose bracket to the strut
    • Front wheel
    • Negative battery cable

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